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yooo some girls think they’re so cool and popular in this fandom they made a YouTube video of them answering questions from other fans and that’s just the stupidest shit ever. People worship them and i really don’t understand because they’re not better than all of us??

Wait, people always do Q&A videos of questions from other fans, why have they never been called out..?

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I want it to be warm and sunny and I wanna eat watermelon in a sundress and kiss lots and lots

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1. Favourite song? I change favourite song 5327569 times a week but right now I’d have to say Rockstar by A Great Big World <3

2. Favourite Band/Artist? uhm R5. Did I even have to say that?

3. Celebrity Crush? Ross Lynch hehe. But besides him, Luke Hemmings, Austin Mahone aaaaaand a lot more but those are my top 3.

4. Do you like someone at the moment (not a celebrity)? I’m not too sure tbh. Sometimes I think yes, sometimes I think no?

5. Favourite Film? I HAVE SO MANY UGH. The Princess Diaries is a classic though and I could watch it everyday.

6. Worst Lesson at school? uuuuuhm subject wise, English. I hate the subject even though this year my classes are so much fun! I’m not too fond of any science subjects either…

7. Favourite Colour? Purple, pink, turquoise or yellow! {I love colourful things oops}

8. Favourite Book? Don’t have one tbh, even though I’ve read quite a lot…

9. Opinion on twitter? I’M OBSESSED. {Follow me @SarahhhhhR5 ;)}

10. Favourite tumblr account? I’m not exactly a tumblr person so I don’t really have a favourite?

11. Where you most want to travel in the world? America, but more specifically, C A L I F O R N I A.


for this part I’m supposed to tag 11 people but as I already said, I’m not exactly a tumblr person (I follow and reblog things, and from time to time upload some pictures if I find something worthwhile). So 1. I don’t really have ‘tumblr friends’, how sad, I know. &2. I’m not even too sure how to tag people and includee sources in posts and all that? Basically, I suck at tumblr.

Anywaaaaaaaay, I just tag everyone who’s reading this (that’ll probably be only be like 11 people anyway lol).


My questions

2. Twitter or tumblr

3. What fandom are you most active in

4. Favourite musicians

5. Best subject

6. Celebrity crush

7. Lucky number

8. play any sports

9. what’s the weather like where you are today

10. best concert you’ve been to

11. Netflix or the cinema